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Mark Lexter Esteban (left) from the Ambassador Darters Club in Tublay, Benguet is a teenage Igorot prodigy who has hit the bullseye in every national and international dart tournament, proving that skill and determination know no bounds! (Tess McShine)


In an impressive display of talent and dedication, Mark Lexter Esteban, an 11th grader from a public high school in Tublay, soared to new heights in the national darts circuit. Representing the
Ambassador Darters Club led by mentor Lailyn Polig, this young prodigy showcased his astonishing skills, securing remarkable victories in prestigious competitions. Mark’s journey to success began at the 8M Asian Philippine Open International Darts Tournament in Tacloban City from April 12 to 16, 2023.

Competing in the youth singles category, he proudly achieved a joint 3rd and 4th place finish, catching the attention of darts enthusiasts nationwide. Undeterred by the pressure, Mark’s passion for the sport only grew stronger. He made his mark once again at the 1st One Davao Open 1M Araw ng Kalayaan National Darts Tournament in Davao City from June 9 to 11, where he displayed astonishing precision. In the highly competitive youth singles category, he secured a commendable joint 5th-8th place, further solidifying his position among the nation’s top young dart talents.

Proving his mettle, Mark continued to dominate the competition at the 500K Sandugo National Darts Tournament in Panlao Golf and Entertainment Park, Bolod, Panglao, Bohol, held from July
14 to 16. The young darts prodigy again showcased his exceptional skills, earning accolades in the youth singles category. What began as a casual pastime for Mark soon evolved into something extraordinary, transforming him into a rising star in the Philippine darts scene. His remarkable precision and unwavering dedication have propelled him to the summit of the national dart tournament, garnering praise from seasoned players and fans alike.

For Mark, this achievement is not just a personal triumph; it stands as a testament to the unwavering support he receives from his family, friends, and coaches. Their encouragement and belief in his talent have fueled his passion and drive to excel. As Mark Lexter Esteban continues to leave his mark on the darts world, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and a source of pride for his community. With such determination and skill, the future of Philippine darts looks brighter than ever. Congratulations, Mark, on your remarkable success, and may your darting journey be filled with even more triumphs in the days to come!.

Tess McShine

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