A 120-day weight loss challenge program with the theme, “Get Fit Towards a Better You” was officially launched during the flag-raising ceremony on Monday, July 31 at the Baguio City Hall Multi-purpose Hall last July 31, 2023. The weight loss challenge was initiated by City Human Resource Management Officer, Lawyer Augustin P. Laban III. Who said the main objective is to have a targeted reduction in weight among the City Hall employees. Registration for the challenge will take place from August 1 to 4 and is open only to permanent, casual, and coterminous LGU employees who have been assessed and issued medical clearance to ensure they can handle the demands of the program.

The weight loss challenge is divided into two parts. Each department will have three participants who are either obese or overweight, and there will also be a team representing each department, wherein all departments are encouraged to participate in the event. During the contest proper,
employees are permitted to utilize the city’s gym, swimming pool, and athletic oval for physical exercise. They will also be receiving nutrition education from the Health Services Office (HSO) and are prohibited from using slimming pills or weight loss supplements. This ensures fair competition and promotes healthy habits among participants.

Weigh-ins for the individual category are scheduled after every month, from August to November, in the same Health Facility and the final weigh-in would be on December 1-8, 2023. For the team per department, the aim is to have the highest percentage of employees having a normal Body Mass Index (BMI). The winner of the first prize in the individual category will be granted P25,000, while those who bag the second and third prizes will be given P15,000 and P10,000, respectively. In the group category, the first prize winner will receive P25,000, followed by the second and third prize winners who will receive P20,000 and P15,000, respectively. Trophies will also be awarded. The announcement of winners will be on December 11, 2023, during the Flag-raising Ceremony at the Baguio City Hall.

Sonia Nadia B. Botigan UC-Intern/ABN

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