Elializa T. Galisen

The Boy Scouts of Balili Elem. School together with their troop leaders, the members of the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management of La Trinidad headed by Mr. Yoshio Labi who prepared the site and the activities for the scouts to do and some barangay officials of Barangay Balili kgd. John Abing and kgd. Emiliano Bugtong who coordinated the said activity to the MDRRMO recently embarked on an exciting adventure trail filled with engaging activities that not only tested their problem-solving skills but also fostered teamwork, camaraderie, and sheer fun. The day was filled with treasure hunts, solving puzzles, water relays, and plenty of playtime for the scouts to enjoy.

The adventure trail began with an exhilarating treasure hunt , where the scouts had to work together to decipher clues and navigate through the woods. This activity not only honed their map-reading and directional skills but also taught them the importance of collaboration and communication. The thrill of the chase and the eventual discovery of the hidden treasure made for a memorable start to their day. Other activities were water relay, spider game, solving a puzzle in knot tying and making of improvised stretcher and how to transport their patient. Finally, the scouts were treated to a well-deserved playtime session, where they could unwind and enjoy various outdoor games. This allowed them to bond with their fellow scouts, forge new friendships, and simply have a good time. The Boy Scouts’ adventure trail was a resounding success, as it provided an engaging and educational experience that fostered teamwork, problem-solving skills, and camaraderie.

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