Liga ng Mga Barangay President Rocky Aliping has filed an ordinance that seeks to refine Ordinance 47- 2021 or the Comprehensive Sports Development Code. This proposed amendatory ordinance aims to establish a comprehensive system for acknowledging and rewarding athletes hailing from the city’s barangays. The proposed amendment introduces the concept of “Atleta ng Barangay,” a program designed to honor and incentivize local athletes for their outstanding performances in various sporting events.

Under the proposed program, cash incentives will be awarded to athletes who achieve success at international, national, regional, provincial, and city-wide games, fostering a culture of recognition and unity within the barangays.
The proposed ordinance outlines specific cash incentive amounts for both individual and group/team achievements
across different levels of competition ranging from international tournaments to local district games.

It further mandates the annual appropriation of funds for these incentives, ensuring their incorporation into the
Sangguniang Kabataan’s budget and the barangays’ Annual Sports Program. Furthermore, the Barangay Physical Fitness and Sports Development Council will be tasked to formulate the necessary Implementing Rules and Regulations to ensure the effective implementation of the program.

If enacted, the proposed amendatory ordinance promises to elevate the status of local athletes and inspire future generations of sports enthusiasts across the city. It has been referred to the city council’s Committee on Youth Welfare and Sports Development for review.

SP/Jordan G. Habbiling

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