A total of 102 more ongoing illegal structures were reported last May and are now the subject of investigations in the city’s ongoing revitalized antisquatting campaign that targets unpermitted constructions in safeguarded, titled and untitled lots and road right-of-ways in the city. The City Buildings and Architectures Office (CBAO) under the City Building Official Arch.

Johnny Degay said this was the result of continued patrolling and monitoring of offices under the Baguio AntiSquatting and Illegal Structures (BASIS) team as well as private individuals who reported some of the incidents. Engr. Donald Gas-ib, head of the CBAO Investigation and Demolition Division, said 40 of these constructions are situated in titled lots while 41 are in unregistered lots.

Nine were found encroaching in road right-of-ways and eight were in lots covered by Certificate of
Ancestral Land Titles (CALT). Four were found in watersheds. As per procedures, owners of illegal structures found in titled lots without ownership issues were ordered to stop construction and secure building permits. Those with conflicts were issued cease and desist orders with the advice to
resolve the lot issues.

Constructions on untitled or unregistered lots were issued notices of violation and subjected to investigations. Structures found in safeguarded lots were immediately endorsed for summary demolition. Last April, a total of 223 constructions in titled and untitled lots and road right-of-ways were halted for permit violations while 26 new illegal constructions in three watersheds were endorsed for demolition.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong urged the public to be vigilant in reporting illegal structures to the
CBAO at 442-2503. Meanwhile, the mayor reiterated his reminder to owners of existing unpermitted structures with three stories and above located in titled lots to apply for building permits before the deadline on June 30, 2023.

Those who will not make it to the deadline will be issued notices of violations and will face sanctions as per the Presidential Decree No. 1096 or the National Building Code of the Philippines.
Aside from the large buildings, the city is also targeting other unpermitted structures standing
on titled lots.

Aileen P. Refuerzo/PIO

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