A gory knife attack on 6 hapless victims by an apparently disturbed 22 year old nonBaguio City native startled this tourist city Tuesday night. The male attacker, traced by the Baguio City police as
hailing from Bicol region, first stabbed his first two victims who were seating at the waiting shed at Sunshine Park beside the University of the Philippines Baguio. After the two, the suspect ran towards Governor Park Road meeting his third victim, then his fourth infront of the Baguio City High School.

The suspect then went to huge hotel along Kisad Road, then stabbed his 5th and 6th victim who were standing at the entrance. The knife attacker sought refuge at the second floor of the hotel, but responding policemen subdued him and took him to answer charges. The suspect and his 6 victims were all brought to the hospital for medical attention where they were however all declared out of danger.

Tuesday’s freak knife attack, though easily downplayed by the Baguio City police as isolated, residents as well as visitors surmise could not speak well of the peaking tourism influx in the city after the pandemic. But for the city police, Tuesday’s incident prompts them to recalibrate personnel deployment throughout the city to respond to such unforeseen situations, Captain Angeline Dongpaen, Baguio City police information officer hinted.

Artemio A. Dumlao/ABN

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