Elializa T. Galisen

In an era dominated by technological advancements, the significance of mastering basic life skills often takes a backseat. However, for the members of the Boy Scouts, traditional expertise remains paramount. Recently, a group of eager scouts embarked on a journey to hone their proficiency in Basic Life Support (BLS) and knot tying, embodying the organization’s ethos of preparedness and service. The speakers and demonstrators are from the MDRRMO of La Trinidad. Mr. Jerwel S. Alones, Reisty Glenn D. Awal and Edison C. Catnas who demonstrated on Basic Life Support said that the scouts should always think of their safety first.

CPR was discussed and demonstrated then the scouts also have their return demo on how to do the CPR. Knot tying is an art form that transcends its utilitarian purpose, embodying precision, patience, and problem-solving. Scouts dedicated hours to perfecting various knots, from the versatile square knot to the intricate bowline. Through practice and perseverance, they honed their abilities to secure shelters, tie down equipment, and even rescue individuals in perilous situations. Each knot mastered represents a testament to the scouts’ commitment to mastering fundamental skills that transcend generations.

The activity was attended by 30 boy scouts of Balili Elem. School and 2 Troop Leaders which was held t Balili Elem. School on April 13, 2024. It is indeed an experiential learning. Rather than passively absorbing information, scouts engage in hands-on activities that reinforce theoretical knowledge. The culmination of the BLS and knot tying training represents more than individual skill acquisition; it signifies the Boy Scouts’ commitment to serving their communities.

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