Photo Caption: Shadiel Chan fully immersed in his work, seated at his studio desk, surrounded by musical instruments and equipment. He is wearing headphones, intently focused on his computer screen, as he works on a song for the well-known music artist Jason Marvin. This photo captures the essence of a talented artist hard at work, pouring his heart and soul into his craft to create something truly beautiful.

Tristan John Quiano- UB Intern/ ABN


As the music industry continuously evolves, it is not surprising that aspiring artists, producers, and
engineers are continuously pushing the envelope, finding new and innovative ways to showcase their craft. Shadiel Chan, a record producer, and owner of the Nine Degrees North record label, is one of those individuals who has made a significant impact on the Filipino music scene. Chan’s
record label, Nine Degrees North, has produced hit songs for various artists, including David La Sol and Chantal Salonga.

He also collaborates with different bands such as Dilaw and Sunkissed Lola. Chan’s collaborations with these bands have been a massive hit among music lovers, with both reaching the top 1 and 2 spots for most requested and most listened to songs in the country. He also worked with Cup of Joe, Jason Marvin, Keiko Necesario, Janine Teñoso and many other artists. Through his work, Chan has changed the game of Filipino music production, elevating the quality of recordings and
nurturing young talents in the industry.

With a passion for creating quality music and improving the subpar recording quality in the Philippines, Chan began his music production journey 12 years ago. Armed with a laptop, a recording interface, and a microphone, he started recording songs for his schoolmates in Saint Louis University. It was there that he honed his skills and realized that he wanted to make quality
music for Filipinos. As Chan’s skills improved, so did his equipment. One by one, he acquired more
sophisticated tools, from studio monitors to guitars and keyboards.

It was a slow and steady process that eventually led him to establish Open Heaven Studio, where he
produces hit songs for artists signed under his label. However, it was not a smooth sailing journey for Chan. One of the significant challenges he encountered was the lack of education on music
production in the Philippines. While there are countless resources available online, professionals seldom share their secrets, leaving aspiring producers and engineers to rely on trial and error.

Nevertheless, Chan persevered, experimenting and improving his skills over the years. Despite the challenges, Chan remains passionate about music production and helping aspiring artists. He firmly believes that being open to change and learning from mistakes is key to success in this industry. He also acknowledges that having someone to collaborate with, like his mastering engineer, Jan Aries Agadier Fuertez, has been instrumental in his growth as a producer.

Overall, Shadiel Chan’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and
collaboration. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and producers, reminding them that success is possible with hard work, dedication, and an unrelenting

Rayah Jahziel Tayag- UB Intern/ABN

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