Council okays Burnham lake shed for tourists’ convenience

The City Council approved the putting of a shed at the famous Burnham lake where park goers can protect themselves during rain and from the heat of the sun while waiting for their companions who go boating.
Aside from the shed, a trellis will also be placed as a safety measure to prevent anybody from accidentally falling in the lake. The approved measure also includes the repair of all the stairs leading to the lake. 
Vice Mayor Edison Bilog who authored the resolution said the measure is a clamor from boat concessionaires, locals and tourists who were interviewed.
The vice mayor said concerns were raised during the interview and was found out that the dilapidated stairs going to Burnham Lake caused several accidents due to its cracks and very low steps.
The resolution mentioned that putting up sheds at the loading ports occupied by the concessionaires will be beneficial during summer and rainy seasons and will give convenience to the boat riders instead of putting up “do-it-yourself” tents to protect themselves from the heat of the sun and from getting wet during sudden rains.
The improvement in Burnham Park, being one of the top tourist destinations in the city, will elevate the safety and convenience of the visitors and tourists, Bilog said. NESTOR CASTAÑEDA JR., PNA / ABN

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