Don’t change the Game


Someone must have talked some sense into Vice President Leni Robredo considering her apparent turn-around in declaring that while she has yet to clarify some issue pertaining to concrete data relative to the war on drugs she will  allow the ‘operation tokhang’ begun by President Rodrigo Duterte and his allies, to continue.

Earlier and as the new drug czar and co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD) she questioned the prevailing data and information with respect to the actual number of those involved in illegal drugs and those otherwise eliminated, apprehended or incarcerated for allegedly being part of the illegal drug trade in the country.

In her first meeting with the members of the ICAD she seemed to express disappointment that real data is not available in relation to the massive and energetic campaign of the government to eradicate illegal drugs in the country. She even intimated to media that perhaps there is a need to scrapped the ‘tokhang’ campaign and replace it with another ostensibly more feasible and effective anti-drug strategy.

At the moment may be with realization coming in and as she is informed and briefed on the accomplishments and met objectives as a result of operation tokhang she has made an about face about scrapping the tokhang strategy and has now allowed it to continue. May be after being appraised of the real situation on the ground she has finally realized that all those sycophants who have and are whispering in her ears are dead wrong about the war on drugs.

And that perhaps after talking with foreign authorities regarding the country’s war on drugs she may have been advised that to change strategy while in the middle of an extensive anti-drug operation would endanger not only the
lives of the authorities but also the compromise the drug situation in the country.

Because like it or not, whether she does not believe in the tokhang campaign of the government she cannot avoid the fact that it has produced results which has translated to a reduction in the crime statistics of the country.

Whatever new strategy that she would want to employ as the new drug czar it can only add or augment to the already existing strategy on how to obliterate illegal drugs in the country. In fact if she wants she can suggest and recommend that all countries in SouthEast Asia should consider pooling their manpower and resources together in coming with not only an inter-country interdiction and suppression task force but establish a multinational agency staffed with the best law enforcement and military operatives and given a dedicated task to operate in other countries where the sources of drugs can be found.

This special group will have all the authority and commitment to see that the job is done whether in arresting or terminating drug cartels and drug syndicates right down to the last man.

The war on drugs is a team effort and so everybody must participate. Countries where drugs are being manufactured should allow law enforcement teams from the special group to be formed to physically operate within their territories and to conduct raids, interdiction and seizures wherever illegal drugs in massive quantities may be found. It should also be licensed to terminate with extreme prejudice those who would refuse to surrender and instead elect to shoot it out with the agents of the law.

This is what the Vice President should contemplate if she wishes to be successful as the new drug czar of the country.