DA-CAR reports Accomplishments for 2024 1st Semester


The DA CAR reports numerous accomplishments during the 1st Semester of 2024. From witnessing a decreasing trend in poor farmers to successfully providing more thousands of farmers with seeds and equipment, the department celebrates a fruitful 1st semester. Lawyer Jenilyn Dawayan, Regional Executive Director of the DA-CAR, one of the panelists during the event, provided an in depth overview of the current state of Agriculture in the region.

During her speech, Dawayan shares one of their wins as a department, exhibiting a decreasing trend in the magnitude of poor farmers between 2015-2021. ‘Maybe this is also an indication na, kahit papano some farmers are being well off, between those years.’, stated the attorney. The Department of Agriculture-CAR has fostered strong partnerships with the farmers, fisherfolk, private sectors and other stakeholders through continuously providing
assistance and creating opportunities for their farms to flourish.

Under the DA CAR’s Rice Farmers’ Financial Assistance (RFFA) program, the department was able to distribute Php
492,449,600 to 97,062 local farmers. The department was praised as the sole implementing region for the IMC of seeds, and inorganic and organic fertilizers in support of digitalization. Reaching over 8,100 farmers, the department has continuously produces and distributes seeds, seedlings and fertilizers. These accomplishments were announced and honored at the Kapihan Sa Bagong Pilipinas Event on June 18, 2024, broadcasted live through PIA CAR page and several other local media pages.

DA CAR was lauded for other wins as well, including CAR being the Top 1 GAP accredited region in the whole country, and winning the 2nd, 10th and 11th places during the Philippine Coffee Competition. Several other programs, such as the Livestock Program, Organic Agriculture Program, and the 4Ks Program were also celebrated for their successful implementations by the DA-CAR.

Currently, the DA-CAR is working on projects that revolve around the improvement and expansion of local and international market access, the improvement and expansion of the agri-fishery areas for increased production, and mechanizing and modernizing agri-fishery production systems. This is to not only keep up with the current demand of the economy, but to thrive in it as well.

Vannah Carlos/UC-Intern

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