In coordinated efforts by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Cordillera together with other PNP local units achieved remarkable success in apprehending 30 individuals for various offenses/crimes. In OPLAN Pagtugis or the campaign against wanted persons with warrant of arrests, this unit was able to conduct (27) Twenty-seven operations resulting to the apprehension of (5) five Most Wanted Persons tagged as Regional Level of CIDG RFU Cordillera, (1) person tagged as Provincial level, 1 person tagged as Municipal level while (20) twenty were listed as Other Wanted Persons (OWP).

Similarly, on OPLAN PAGLALANSAG OMEGA, or the campaign against loose firearms, two people were arrested and two small arms and forty-four ammunition were seized during a separate buy-bust operations for violations of RA 10591, also known as the “Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act.” Finally, in OPLAN BOLILYO, or the campaign against Illegal Gambling, this unit arrested (1) one illegal bet collector, who was caught in the act (Inflagrante Delicto) of collecting money bets from operative of CIDG who acted as poseur bettor for the supposed 3rd draw of STL.

The arrested person failed to present any pertinent documents neither authorization issued by the PCSO for collecting bets for STL. Further, a certification was issued by the Pines Estate and Gaming Corporation, the sole operator of STL in Benguet Province and Baguio City, that the arrested person is an illegal collector and not authorized nor registered to collect bets on their behalf.

Amianan Balita Ngayon