FYI Little Knowledge is hereby very dangerous

Usurpation of Authority is indeed ignored by some but surely many Filipino has been outwit unknowingly by crooked people. And so this Law was very useful to sue a person pretending to be someone. Pretending to be a person of Authority for example representing a Department or any Agency of the Philippine Government is a serious crime punishable by law.

Even rank, title, improper use of uniforms, names and insignia will hold you criminally liable as well. And if found guilty, shall suffer now the penalty of Prison correctional in its minimum and medium period.

Meanwhile, Rep. Act 6713 The “Code of Conduct and Ethical, Standards for Public Officials and Employees.” Public Officials and employees shall at all times be accountable to the people and hall discharge their duties with utmost responsibility, integrity, competence, loyalty, act with patriotism, justice, lead modest lives and uphold public interest over personal interest.

Under this is Misconduct of Government Employee, Example of general misconduct include insubordination, chronic tardiness, or absences, inappropriate or rude comments to co-workers or costumers or misrepresenting job application data.

And even Abuse of Authority sometimes lead to Conflict of Interest and Divestment occurs when the official or employee is substantial stockholder or a member of the Board of Directors or an officer of the Corporation or an owner or has substantial interest in a business or a partner in a partnership and the interest of such corporation or business or his rights or duties therein, are opposed to or affected by the faithful performance of official duty.

In Penalties of the above written are the following: Any Official or Employee committing any violation of this Code shall be punished with a fine not exceeding the equivalent of six month salary or suspension not exceeding of one year o removal depending on the gravity of the offense. If the violation is punishable by a heavier penalty under another law persecuted under latter statue then with imprisonment not exceeding 5 years then when proven in a proper administrative proceeding shall be cause for removal or dismissal.

Moreover, Name Drop or Use of Officials name with own interest has been a talk to the Congress lately for some names of Officials in the Government was drag in some illegal transaction. So some Congressman would like to pass a Law regarding such matter.

In the Bible (KJV) 1 Corinthians 8:2 “And if any man think that he knew anything, he know nothing yet as he ought to know. This is yours truly iKit ng Bayan of 98.7 ZRadio FM that always reminds you “Ti P a n a g k a y k a y s a , Mangiwanwan iti Naranyag nga Pagsayaatan.


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