Go promotes breastfeeding, livelihood in Buntis Congress

Baguio City Representative Mark Go graced the Buntis and Lactating Mothers’ Congress conducted by the Baguio City Health Department held last March 24, 2017.
With this year’s event theme “Malusog na Mommy, Healthy si Baby at Family,” Go underscored in his message the importance of health of women while they are pregnant, and within six months after the delivery of their children. He emphasized that a healthy mother means a healthy child or healthy children, and a healthy family.
As part of the health fair event, a search for Ms. Pretty Preggy and a contest for “Tamang Pagpapasuso” were held.
Go narrated that it has been an intimate experience on his part to have watched his wife lovingly and generously breastfed all their children. He realized that the availability of a mother’s milk is crucial in the first few hours after the delivery of a child.
“According to the Department of Health, the first thirty minutes of a new-born infant are important and breastfeeding is the only way for him or her to suck in the colostrum of a mother which contains essential nutrients, antibodies, and immunoglobulins. This is considered as the first milk or premilk, and deservingly the new-born infant has to have the colostrum “within the first hours of his or her life” which is decisive in giving him or her a head start in the race against malnutrition,” Go explained.
Go also lauded the health workers of Baguio City for working very hard in their campaign to persuade mothers to choose breastfeeding over milk substitutes. “I know that what we are doing today is just one among a number of campaigns to be initiated. For your advocacy, may I thank all of you as tireless health workers making a difference in the lives of women and their children and their families,” Go said.
Aside from gaining knowledge on safe motherhood, breastfeeding, immunization and family planning, the trainers of GO & SERVE Livelihood and Training Program also conducted a livelihood training of puto pao, kutsinta and atsara making for the participant mothers in the Buntis Congress.
The Baguio lawmaker offers livelihood training programs in different barangays and various organizations. Some of the training programs include making of puto pao, kutsinta, pichi-pichi, miki noodles, longganisa, ham roll and even accessories. Interested attendees can visit the district office of Rep. Mark Go for more details.
A principle behind this program, the solon believes in the Chinese saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” ABN

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