La Trinidad veers away from Baguio’s shadow

LA TRINIDAD, BENGUET – Local officials and the Department of Tourism assured the people of La Trinidad that the valley will be recognized purely as it is.
During the kapihan for the Strawberry Festival 2017, La Trinidad officials with Department of Tourism Regional Director Venus Tan and heads of the Benguet State University divulged plans for the 36th celebration.
This year’s theme “Sustaining the fruits of La Trinidad’s agro-eco tourism”, highlights promotion of other products like coffee and extending the usage of strawberry as beauty product.
According to Tan, development plans will be presented next month to the municipality and government for the whole strawberry field of La Trinidad.
This is also to strengthen and establish the tourism industry of the municipality and be known as La Trinidad and not as a mere shadow of Baguio City’s tourism.
Although Tan cleared that this is not a competition between Baguio and La Trinidad, and completely as a complementary plan where both places will benefit from each other.
The officials promised that all programs will be passed this year, where employment will be strengthened. This way, everybody can take part of the development in an inclusive way.
Tan added that DOT will help La Trinidad to Rev-Bloom and will be included in the communication plan of the department where they will encourage investors to boost the tourism.
BSU Vice President for Business Affairs Silvestre Aben commented that they’ve always supported the plans of DOT but warned that putting up buildings or any infrastructure inside the land field will not be considered.
Tan said that if any infrastructure is needed, it will be outside the field and “green architecture” will be implemented. Aubrey Morales, UC Intern / ABN

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