Affected residents from Pines Park, Lubas, Balili, Tawang and some parts of Ambiong in this capital town complained about the alleged slow-paced of construction of a bridge (Pines Park)) and urged
contractors to fast-track repair works of the P77.177 million project. Owners of small businesses and operators of boarding houses also complained that their operations have been greatly affected.

Moreover, residents said their daily fare expenses have doubled and even tripled.  Agrepina Aludos, a 20 years resident of Balili, a diabetic patient and who lives near the diversion bridge, told Amianan Balita Ngayon that she is affected by  the noise whenever a car passes by the bridge, especially during night time. Residents are also concerned about their safety in  using the diversion road in Tebteb, Balili which they claimed it's narrow and dangerous during rush hours especially for  learners.

Mariano Dalo, a 15 years resident from Lubas and a vendor near the Pines Park bridge ,expressed dismay on the construction of the bridge since only a few people pass by his shop and it affected their income. In an interview on Tuesday, Billy  Bilango, Punong Barangay of Balili, said a diversion bridge was constructed at Tebteb, Balili to allow affected residents to pass while the bridge is under rehabilitation.

Bilango said it may take 10-12 months to complete the repair of the bridge. The Barangay official appealed to affected residents to be patient. Bilango explained that electric posts were not immediately removed and an alternate route has to be constructed to allow the delivery of equipment and materials that caused the delay of repair.

Edgar Dacoroon, safety officer of the project, said that the electric posts were removed late January since  a passageway has to be opened in order for the crane to operate. Dacoroon added that they are trying to fast-track the construction of a flood control facility in order to start the repair of the bridge. He pointed out that they are aware of the complaints aired by the residents.


Amianan Balita Ngayon