Charlie B. Cadap

The Department of Education released DepEd Order No. 022, s. 2023 titled, Implementing Guidelines on the School Calendar and Activities for the School Year 2023-2024, the five-day break for the current school year was scheduled on January 24-26 and on January 29-30. Moreover, DepEd stated that mid-year break will be utilized for the conduct of the School-Based In-Service Training for teachers and Mid-Year Performance Review and Evaluation. With this, the faculty and staff of LES through the able leadership of the principal-sir Mark L. Binay-an, earnestly adhered to the said DepEd Order. The teachers enthusiastically took part in the just concluded activity because they were driven of their desires to transform their instructional skills and upgrade their effectiveness and efficiency in the classroom.

The INSET was set in motion through registration and opening program by singing of the Philippine National Anthem followed by a prayer and singing of the Benguet Hymn. Dance exercise followed which added to the positive vibe of the teachers because they were energized and renewed. The principal formally opened the program and he expressed his gratitude to the teachers for their positive reactions. The training started with the orientation of the DepEd ICT accounts by sir Eric Wanson especially the 0365 accounts of the employees. It was a fruitful discussion because the teachers were given the chance in asking clarifications regarding the challenges they encountered in their ICT accounts.

After which, the principal oriented the teachers on what to expect on the forecasted MATATAG curriculum which led to a clearer view on its upcoming implementation. Before the cessation of the first day of INSET, the teachers were elated and thrilled as they watched the Vice-President and DepEd secretary-Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio delivered her Basic Education Report (BER) 2024. They were optimistic and hopeful that the plans and aspirations of the DepED secretary will materialize. The succeeding days of the INSET was full of collaborative discussions which yielded a beneficial and rewarding experience. The principal oriented the teachers on how to clearly monitor the academic progress of the pupils.

He gave some suggestions like creating a record chart, keeping a file of the pupils’ works, and giving constant feedback to the pupils. He also emphasized that formative assessments are recorded but not graded. Formative assessments are intended to keep track if the pupils are ready or not to take the summative assessment, he added. Additionally, he further reiterated the urgency of preparing the materials needed for the implementation of Catch-Up Fridays. The teachers were grouped per grade level and prepared their action plans, lesson logs, and activities. After careful planning and deliberation, the teachers gathered for the presentation of their finished outputs and for giving of inputs and constructive feedbacks.

The last day of In-Service Training was spearheaded by ma’am Ofelia L. Inso, Master Teacher I of LES. She presented and discussed the contents of the Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) for Teacher I-III. She likewise noted the significance of preparing the Means of Verifications (MOVs) because these will serve as justifications and evidences. Lastly, the principal and the master teacher elucidated the Classroom Observation Tool (COT) indicators. They gave insightful sharing on how to meet the different indicators which could greatly help the teachers in enhancing the delivery of instruction.

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