It was the city’s first mall if you could call it that. I remember people sitting under the “pyramid” ceiling in the hope to absorb Goodluck as square benches formed into a box, lined the two Egyptian
like roofs. Now the spot where the benches were house stalls selling mostly cellular phone accessories. No one thinks any good will befall them if they hang around.

The narrow escalators still don’t work, I don’t remember they ever did but recall everyone anticipating its operations as no place in the city even had escalators at that time. At the basement, a kiddie corner was set up along with food stalls to match. Fun rides and bump cars lured kids to
Maharlika and was regarded as a treat because it was the only place that had that.

On the second and third floors were posh shops selling imported items including fred perry leather suede shoes, sperry, topsiders, dragonfly and tretorn were being ogled on by the penniless as it was
the popular footwear for the lucky ones who had money to spare. The jansport shop of lito pangilinan was also there with the prized backpacks which were also pelted with longing looks.

Now the shops are mostly beauty parlors manned by drag queens and transgenders who haggle even before you start speaking. They ask if you want a rebond when they see your hair is curly or a perm is straight. Dress shops for rentals and tailoring services, the antique shop that is never really
open, a derma clinic, music store and px shops selling soap and chocolates still operate but are far and in between. The tummy fillers outlet has long been closed which was a favorite for burgers,
baked macaroni and chili dogs.

At the rooftop of Maharlika today stands a dozen small establishments, mostly bars and karaoke joints which were allowed by the management making the place look cheap and unkept. Extensions to the sidewalk, roofdeck and third floors have been made turning the place into a labyrinth.
There is nothing “Maharlikan” about this now.

Amianan Balita Ngayon