Minimum requirements for CCTV installation in the city sought

In a bid to standardize the Close Circuit Television Cameras (CCTVs) being installed in the various barangays all around the city, several city councilors have filed a proposed measure that would seek to impose minimum requirements in the installation of the said monitoring and surveillance cameras.

Introduced by City Councilors Maria Mylen Victoria Yaranon, Joel Alangsab, Michael Lawana, Roberto Ortega and Leandro Yangot the proposed resolution cites the need to have minimum standard specifications relative to the procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of CCTVs particularly those being bought and put up by barangays in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

The minimum standard specifications as stated in the said proposed resolution provide that the CCTV camera to be purchased and installed should have, (a) a minimum of 704V x 576H pixel resolution of 4CIF, (b) a minimum recording with 15 frames per second (FPS) for best resolution, (c) it should have a time/date stamp associated with each individual image and transaction data packet, (d) allo images must contain a digital signature to authenticate the images and to allow for the chain of evidence to be preserved, (e) the recording media in digital format should be used to enable the storage of the information for evidentiary purpose, (f) there must be sufficient data storage in the camera recording for one (1) month data storage and which must be accessible directly without the need for restoration or back-up process, (g) capability of retrieval and viewing functions while in operation, (h) color cameras with high resolution capabilities, and (i) an independent uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system.

The reason given behind the proposal to impose minimum standard specifications in the installation of CCTVs is to further enhance measures aimed at ensuring the safety and protection of the citizenry of the city as well as augment efforts by the authorities in the campaign for crime prevention, security and revenue protection. The proposed resolution further explained that the said CCTVs serve as the eyes of the barangay duty officers increasing their awareness of any situation or event happening in their respective areas of jurisdiction. The proposed measure also cited that CCTV cameras must be able to detect, monitor, identify and recognize images with clarity in order to enable law enforcement officers, who might review such images in the conduct of an investigation, to properly identify unknown people and objects of interest depicted in the captured video images.

The proposed legislative measure further provides that adequate lighting must also be provided, wherever possible, in areas viewed by the CCTVs installed, considering that the recorded video footage or image may be used at any time for review and for evidence, subject to compulsory process or written order by the court or legislative or investigative body, with competent jurisdiction.

Finally, the proposal also recommends that digital recordings must be retained and stored for at least one (1) year from the date of its recording and that the said CCTV cameras, its covers/housing and other control center equipment should have regular preventive maintenance and testing schedule in order to maintain the clarity of images and effectiveness of the said CCTV system.


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