Nothing is Impossible with God in Achieving One’s Dreams

The year 2020 had just began and our dreams and ambitions in life are about to be fulfilled. However, as we go on to our journey of success, we experience lots of challenges because the Lord wants to test our strength and capabilities which will make us a better individual.
Let us always be determined and courageous in every undertaking to reach our goals successfully. Pray to God sincerely each day and He will rescue us from our burdens. Continue to strive for the best things in life that will make you grow professionally, socially and spiritually each day.
Be compassionate and impart the values that you have to the youth of tomorrow. Move forward always to enable you to achieve your dreams with the help of the Almighty Father and always pattern your lives on our Savior, Redeemer and Model Teacher Jesus Christ. Be contented with your life despite the trials and challenges that you meet but always remember that God will never leave you nor forsake you.
Time is so precious so as we begin the year 2020 strive hard, study your lessons and run fast to win the race. Start the year right in every endeavor that you undertake and remember that life is like a wheel. Sometimes failures come but sometimes we win the race and get the prize.
Always put God first in our life and we will succeed. May the Almighty Father guide everyone in every struggle in achieving one’s dreams in life specially the students of this generation and always bear in mind that God has a wonderful plan for us which is to enable us to succeed as long us we help ourselves in achieving our goals despite the struggles because God is Love and He will never harm us as long as we obey His commands and live according to His precepts.
Nothing is impossible with God and our life will never be the same again if we achieve our dreams with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Always thank God for everything because His plan for us is greater than our plans for ourselves especially when we are on our way towards reaching our stepping stone to success.
Bella Riz Diaz Valencia-Oredina

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