Pandemic almost kills the flower industry in Bahong, La Trinidad Benguet so Flower Farmers appeal to Govt. to help them cope with their losses.

Rose “Betbet” Fongwan – Kepes visited the Rose Capital of the Philippines at Bahong La Trinidad, Benguet as she and his father used to be Cut Flower Farmers before.

As one plantita Rose said that “By providing the Flower Growers the necessary help for them to prosper again is to support the Farmers to
have a direct Market and Educate them with New Information” Rose said in an interview.

Bahong Kagawad Anghel Ambros also shared that their dilemma is “Dakkel ti Capital, Dakkel pay ti kasapulan nga Daga. Bassit met ngarud ti ma-apit, Bassit pay ti Kita. Isu nga kasapulan ag sabali da ti mula karo idi kasagsagan ti Pandemya” he said.

Rose in Bahong La Trinidad Benguet can be sustained and blossom once more if there is a Capital for Farmers like the Expanded SURE Aid and Recovery Project or SURE Covid19 Financing Program of the Department of Agriculture as part of the Plant, Plant, Plant said Rose Couple Wood and Jenia Morales.

Meanwhile, In the old times and even recently Rose is used in Politics. Some Rose is usually used for Celebration, Considered as Expensive Present, Medicinal Purposes, Food, Perfume and even Death.

Rose also has many symbolism as many as 150 species it has all over the World. Each colour has its meaning, But the most known meaning of Rose is Love and Passion. Who do you love and What is your Passion? You gotta know your Center to know your purpose in life. This is IKit (Auntie) Ng Bayan.

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