Some 39 national and local housing developers engaging business in the Cordillera Region were
summoned and meted fines for alleged irregularities, according to Human Settlements Adjudication Commission (HSAC-Cordillera) official. In an exclusive interview, Lawyer Ligaya Haban, Chief Regional Adjudicator of HSACCAR, said cases filed against these developers stemmed from alleged non delivery of title, refund payment of nondevelopment and issues concerning homeowners associations-mostly involving
validity of election.

Haban said that these erring housing developers were fined ranging from P50K to P30K. The HSAC official
pointed that her agency has adjudicated 30 out of the 39 cases filed to their office, nine are still pending, and she expects those cases will be adjudicated before the end of the year. HSAC, an attached agency
of the Human Settlements and Urban Development (HSUD), created during President Rodrigo Duterte administration, was among the those government agencies which offered services (housing clinics during the recently concluded housing summit.

HSAC, an independent quasi-judicial institution has jurisdiction –over cases involving subdivisions,
condominiums, memorial parks and similar real estate developers; and Homeowners Associations. Cases decided by HSAC is not appealable to he Office of the President, instead, all decisions of the Commission are directly appealable to the Court of Appeals.

Primo Agatep/ABN

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