The closing of a city led festival ended in a sour note because of a crass sponsor who thought it fit to deny artists of a drink. The celebration which dragged on for weeks showcased artistry and talent of artists and artisans in the UNESCO declared Creative City which champions local products and creations. As the anticipated closing drew near, one by one, guests trickled into the venue which was prepared to honor each participant for their contribution to the marveled success of the crowd drawing local event.

An announcement of winners to craft competition inspired more to join in the next year and the presence of National Artist Awardees, local officials and art advocates reinforced the notion that the arts is indeed an important sector in the city. A locally made Craft beer excited the creative group as well as the promoted single malt whisky also set up in the beverage line after the appetizer bar, after all, what is an artist
celebration without alcohol.

So as the beverage was setting up, the excited but closeted alcoholics aimed to get the most of the situation and thought long and hard what to drink first, would it be the enticing craft beer or the anticipated umami flavor of the single malt. Here comes the clincher. One artist, who attempted to get a shot of the fabled single malt said “At the closing ceremonies, I nicely asked for a taste shot of their single malt.
Di ako binigyan. Pang VIP lang daw yun. Hmm…,” revealed in his social media post which elicited comments from a commiserating public, along with artists who were likewise denied of the liquor.

The crass sponsor of liquor was tagged in the posts and chastised for their discrimination, and to think that
the event was for them to promote their drink. Not giving artists a taste of the VIP drink certainly landed
in bad taste not to say bad publicity to the now forgettable brand which will now go onto the annal of art history as the one who did not give a drink to the true VIP’s.

Amianan Balita Ngayon