Bombo Radyo Philippines, reinforces its claim as the Number 1 and Most Trusted Radio Network in the Country by holding its Top Level Management Conference 2023 in the cradle where it was
founded, Iloilo City. The five (5) days of strategic planning session as applied to the present times is
headed by its President and Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Margaret Ruth C. Florete. Bombo Radyo Philippine has consistently been in the forefront of industry, constantly transforming itself to be of better service to its audience.

Fresh from an equipment and logistics upgrade costing PESOS: One Hundred Million (P100,000,000.00) prior to the pandemic, it has markedly increase its digital footprint with
Digital Bombo Radyo goaded by the need to touch base and interact with its audience during the height of Covid 19. The avid followers of Bombo Radyo Philippines can be assured that the Network is aware of the needs of its audience.

The strategic planning conference is meant to review performances, identify good practices as applied to all areas of operations, jettisoning those that are not responsive to the radio audience these times. As the march of technology continues to be made available, Bombo Radyo Philippines and Digital Bombo will continue to make use of these developments so as to be of better service to
its audience. This is your Bombo Radyo Philippines, the Most Trusted and Number One Radio
Network in the Country!

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