The value of joining competitions

Recalling Year 2011, I cannot forget the days we went through with my grade five pupil who represented the school to the division, regional until the national level. It was a tedious task on my part to prepare review materials from all sources including textbooks, journals, magazines and other references. After reviewing, cover to cover evaluation is given every dismissal. Out of this routine for more than two weeks, I found how focused, diligent and patient my student Jasmine is in preparing for every level competition. Having interviewed the mother, she admitted that in spite of assigned household chores, Jasmine always finds time to review a bit before she goes to bed. She had proven herself to be the first in the Division and Regional level and eighth place in the National level. Jasmine was not able to make it in the top five of the national level but everybody is pleased of her accomplishments. She had gone so far and showed her best not only in competitions but even in academics.
Competition is evident everywhere, be it in business or education. In school, we see and observe school children striving in their studies for a reason. Competitions allow our students to identify themselves from others; these allow students to show off their skills by bringing out the theories they learned in school to practice. In like manner, taking learning out of the classroom and into a wider community can also boost the ambition of a child to pursue a career as well as to receive certificates and prizes.
What makes it worth remembering is the value of competition. Every struggle in a student’s life is a challenge that inspires him to compete with himself and of others. Competition is usually associated with athletics but it has also a very essential value in terms of academics. Through participating in quiz bees, essay writing, poem writing, debate, poster and slogan designs, students learn the different multiple intelligences as athletes do on the field. Recognizing competition in the life of a student will also provide better opportunities in bringing out the best in them and a vehicle in revealing their hidden skills.
With lots of aspiration in our students, teachers are at their side to inspire them to do the best, to develop the skills they have and to ascertain the spirit and desire to keep trying. We encourage you our dear students to continue to become more competent and creative in everything you do. PHYLIS BAGUILAT-LANG-AKAN, Santo Tomas National High School, Baguio City

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