The War of Good and Evil

What’s up to World! It is well to the eyes but not well to my soul for I see forces of evil all and all. Like have you heard of Phil-Health Corruption and so how are we to pay when it use for personal protection? People Killing, People Dying some even with the same Bloodstream and some Brothers on the same team.
Agency asking for Budget on this on that when the Technology system is not even on top. For we all know the others will be left behind but you choose to have it for a selfish desire. Microchipping is at hand, prophecies and now it all just begun.
Suicide is everywhere and no age limit, The war of good and evil has a way on it. And again we’re not ready on this so called Pandemic. How are we to start when you will not take part. But how can we when it’s scary. People is beginning to worry.
All will be monitored as CCTV will be everywhere. And even your private life is On Air. Posting everything on your Social Media, You will have to take the consequences of your action one day, yah?! Tribulation has started, hoping that you will not be corrupted. What to do and How to go when it is all in control.
Redeeming the time because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:16
Please pray for one another my fellow brethren in Christ so that we will be all fill-in. On that little pin.
This is yours truly iKit Ng Bayan but sorry I’m not into Science. Everyone is entitled on his/her opinion so please let me go on.
Amianan Balita Ngayon