ISRI’s APSA 103 application

ITOGON, Benguet

Villagers of Dalicno-Ampucao in this mining town filed an appeal to the Cordillera regional offices of National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) and MInes Geosciences Bureau (MGB) in relation to certification pre-condition application on the proposed APSA 103 by Apex acquired
Itogon-Suyoc Resources, Inc. (ISRI), claimingpeoples of Dalicno and Ampucao within the Ancestral
Domain of Itogon– appealed both government offices (NCIP/ MGB) – to expunge from records the endorsed APSA 103 indicative and re-endorse new indicative map refllecting those identified in the Free Prior Informed ConsentMemorandum of Agreement (FPIC-MOA) as ‘no mining zones’, particularly residential houses and water resources situated in Dalicno, Ampucao, are indeed outside and and/or beyond the coverage of the APSA 103 project area.

‘Only by expunging the earlier indicative map and by replacing the same with a new map , complete with reindorsement from MGB to NCIP, showing that the properties of the undersigns are outside the APSA 103 project area, that the ICCs/IPs of Dalicno ,Ampucao can feel semblance of security over their person and properties. On September 20 (2023), despite major lapses of the FPIC Team to religiously adhere to Section 22 and 34 of the FPIC guidelines or NCIP Administrative Order 3 S 2012, an FPIC MOA, for reasons only known to the FPIC Team, was signed, states in the letter of
appeal received on Oct 9 (2023) by NCIP-CAR/MGB-CAR.

The NCIP-Central Office, Benguet Provincial Office and Itogon Indigenous Cultural Communities Office . The villagers claimed they were not aware of any conduct of two community assemblies as mandated by NCIP, and did not receive ang notices. ‘Given the substantial social,cultural, and
environmental implications of this significant, the proponent, FPIC Team, and the Council of
Elders should have involved it overlaps their ancestral domain. Based on the obtained data, the indigenous cultural communities and indigenous experts to provide insights into the project’s impacts, considering both advantages and disadvantages.’

Furthermore, NGO’s and relevant government agencies should have been invited to share their perspective and input regarding the project. ‘Only through such inclusive engagement can we attain a truly informed consent of the indigenous community.’ ‘What happened was only the appointed Council of Elders made a unilateral decision to favorably endorse APSA 103 to the FPIC Team. This action initiated the negotiation stage between them and applicant, ISRI. This process clearly
contravened established procedure outlined in Section 22 of NCIP Order No/. 3 Series of 2012.

The Dalicno community also claimed ‘there was no validation assembly conducted. The APSA 103 covers and area of 581 hectares overlapping ancestral domain of Itogon specifically portions of
Barangays Ampucao, Poblacion and Virac. The coverage area of APSA 103 has two No Mining Zones , these are built-up areas ((0 hectares) and the fact the Proponent has no intention to
conduct mineral exploration, development and production thereat (165 hectares) for a total of 255

Primo Aurelio Agatep/ABN

Amianan Balita Ngayon