Some 900 runners from all over the Philippines and other countries will see action this Sunday, March 17, in the 42
kilometer Baguio Marathon. “While we have more than 800 runners already booked for the event, we could end up with 900 runners once the medals are finished,” said Team Malaya’s Stephen Felices this week. In a post, Felices said: We would like to express our gratitude for the incredible support that we have received. This year, your participation has exceeded our expectation.

It serves as a strong motivation for us to design a running experience that you will truly value.” He added: “We have been organizing the Baguio Marathon for several years now and though we have not surpassed the numbers prepandemic time. However, it warms our hearts to continue on supporting our fellow runners who have shown
exemplary sportsmanship and determination. Your support and participation continue to motivate us to work on projects in uplifting and honoring our legendary runners who inspire us in this industry.”

The Sunday run will see runners navigate the route from the ROX at the Ayala Techno Hub, proceed to Loakan Road,
to Kias then to Ampucao in neighboring town of Itogon and back. The Baguio Marathon is one of the more anticipated and prestigious runs here. “We expect a busy schedule this year for runners, including possibly even a Cordillera rout could be made,” added Felices who eyes a link among the six provinces and Baguio.

Pigeon Lobien/ABN

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