A plea to parents of today

Education is a collective effort between parent, teacher, and student. We can all agree that learning can be enhanced with the cooperation of everyone not only between the teacher and the student. The parents of today are very busy, that is why education is left in the hands of the teachers.  There are some things that parents can do to help in the learning process.
At an early age, parents should start teaching their children about values especially in dealing with other people. The problem with students today is that even a simple good morning, thank you, and sorry is a rarity. At an early age, the child should be thought how to respect or go along with other people.
Do they have the basic materials when going to school? Parents should make sure also that the child is ready for school by having even the basic materials, at times the child does not even have a pen or pencil. In the end, teachers are the ones looking for materials for the students to use instead of concentrating on the lesson.
Parents also should maintain a discipline policy with their children. The child should learn how to follow rules not to break them. If the child is thought at an early age, there is no problem for teachers in implementing school rules and regulations. A part of the policy also is that students should have a study period even for 5 minutes for every subject for them to remember what they learned for that day.
Did the student finish his or her homework? Parents also should provide time in monitoring their child’s activities or assignments. By doing this, parents are able to follow up on their child’s improvement. The problem today is that students come to school without their home works or projects which can lead to low grades or even failure.
Parents should attend regular meetings in school. The school would call upon parents for at least five times in a school year. The problem today is that parents do not attend meetings. They only attend once and even the last meeting which is too late already if the student is in danger of failing. The meetings are also the proper time to bring out any problem with the schools system or with the teachers for improvement or action.
Another is that parents give the teachers numbers that are not working. That is the reason why teachers fail to contact them in relation to the student’s performance in class.
Education is a collective effort between parent, teacher, and student. Parent’s also has a role in the education of their children. As a teacher I am asking the help and cooperation of the parents, please help us so that your child will be successful in the future. ANDREW T. BANGCADO, Pines City National High School


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