Fort Del Pilar Elementary School alumni fun run 2019

Educator's Corner Opinion

Run! Run! Run for Fun!

It is payback time for Fort Del Pilar Elementary School Alumni Batch ’99. As a way of thanking the school for nurturing us during our elementary years, our batch organized the Fun Run for a Cause last March 17, 2019.

Our aim is to raise fund for the additional washing area in the school. The goal is to improve hygiene and sanitation practices among the learners to enable them to develop life-long positive hygiene and sanitation behaviors as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 10. S. 2016.

Our batch has chosen fun run because we thought this would encourage our fellow alumni to be healthy while doing generous act to the school that molded them.

Notwithstanding the problems that will arise, excitement among us arose when we were planning the activity.

We tried reaching other batch mates through social media and tried encouraging them to pledge any amount to be used for the purchase of the materials needed for the fun run.

In addition, we gave the appointed batch coordinators our communication letter, so they can easily communicate to their batch mates.

With the help of Seventh Prints Graphic and Design owned by our batch mate, our shirts and race bibs were printed. The invaluable support of the alumni, non-alumni and the faculty of the school had led to the successful distribution of the t-shirts and the race bibs.

As we prepared, we did realize that organizing a fun run was not an easy thing to do, but with the encouragement of the alumni officers especially ma’am Sofie Paleyan and Dr. Amalia Micklay, our principal, our morale was boosted.

The approval of PMA Superintendent Donato San Juan II to use the PMA vicinity during the fun run even more made our heart celebrate in jubilation.

With thankful hearts, we were able to confidently plan the event and successfully finish the fun run despite some problems that were encountered.

Almost 350 runners attended the event and we, the organizers, were very happy and thankful to the positive response.

The overwhelming support of the Military Police and hospital staff of PMA, BDRRMC of Kias, Barangay Council surrounding our school, the active SK members of District 12 is a big factor in the success of the activity.

Without them, we may not have successfully carried out the activity. On behalf of my batch mates, I, as the coordinator of the activity, would like to express my gratitude to those who made this fun run possible.

The washing area in the school where I graduated and where I am currently teaching is now feasible. Students will soon enjoy the amenities as a result of the fun run.

Indeed, it is a joy to serve the school that once nurtured our young mind. Truly, collaboration and unity that were instilled in us will forever linger and will be shared to the school.

By: Catherine I. Mang-usan
Fort Del Pilar Elementary School