Mission sa Tunay Na Pagbabago


The Royal Kingdom of Maharlika is seeking to meet President Ferdinand ‘BongBong’ Marcos Jr. and request his support through an endorsement to facilitate the processing of the country’s wealth in foreign lands which are covered by ‘global agreements’ entered into by the late President Marcos Sr. and several world leaders. The Royal Kingdom of Maharlika (RKM) which claimed to have million members across the country and abroad, advocates peace and genuine reform to lift the
social and economic living conditions of Filipinos.

‘’Hangad ng grupo na maka-usap si Pangulong Bong-Bong Marcos upang mailahad ang adhikain ng
milyong-milyong natin kababayang Pilipino at makapagbigay ng endorsement pagtupad sa ‘Global
Agreement,’ Fernando Lagamia ,Spokesman of Royal Kingdom of Maharlika, said in press forum held Wednesday (Nov. 15) at the newly-bui Baguio Palace. The press forum was witnessed by dozens of RKM members, representing its chapters nationwide.

Spokesperson Nagamia presented to members of media several documents to assert their group’s mission–with Rolando Rhey Kipte Villar, sole signantory, administrator of the Mother and Extensive Accounts. Based on the documents presented by Nagamia ,who claimed authentic, both
parties agreed to order the last Spiritual Wonder Boy, the last signatory of the Mother and
Extensive Accounts to send documents such as the – Last of the Will and Testament , Global Agreement , Central Bank of the Philippines (now Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas)- Certificate of Depositor Ownership-Trusteeship, among others to 174 countries and 743 commercial banks

Based on the documents, 174 countries to include United State of America owes the Philippines large sum of amount. The documents further claimed, a big portion of all the country’s wealth- be in the form of financial accounts, oil reserver and precious commodities ,among others are
intended for the welfare of Filipinos and for humanitarian projects worldwide. According to RKM on its Mission sa Tunay Na Pagbabago, headed by its leader together with 10,000 Filipino petitioners have send ‘documents-claims’ to said countries and commercial banks via international logistics.

Primo Agatep/ABN

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