PHOTO CAPTION: WATER METER EFFICIENCY TESTING. Photo above shows a Baguio Water District personnel conducting water meter testing at the Metering Section of the Baguio Water District.

The Baguio Water District (BWD) shall implement an increase on fees collected for the maintenance and replacement of defective ½” water meters starting 01 November 2023. This, after the BWD Board approved Resolution No. 34-2023 increasing the water meter maintenance fee (WMMF) from Php20.00 to Php40.00. BWD General Manager Engr. Salvador M. Royeca explained that the fee adjustment was unanimously approved by the District’s Toplevel Management after a thorough deliberation and review on its impact not only to its operations but to consumers, as well.

“BWD determined the need to increase the WMMF in order to include all other direct and indirect expenses incurred in the maintenance and replacement of ½” water meters” GM Royeca said. He furthered that the endeavor aims to offset the impact of inflation in the global market on the operational expenses of the District on the maintenance of water meters such as power, fuel, labor and materials.

Presently, the WMMF, as reflected on the existing and old water bills, is twenty pesos (Php20.00) but will be increased to forty-pesos (Php40.00) starting next month. BWD however, clarifies that per existing policy, the cost of replacement of defective or stolen big meters (¾”Æ, 1″Æ, 1 ½”Æ, 2″Æ, 3″Æ) shall be charged to the account owner accordingly.

Meanwhile, the BWD toplevel management assured that the adjustment of fees is reasonable, both for the customers and for the operation of the water utility. The cost of a ½” water meter delivered by various suppliers to BWD in 2019 is Php1,872.67 as compared in 2023 of Php2,760.00 or a 47.39% increase. This increase is a result of global inflation which the water utility needs to
cushion to maintain its financial stability and operational efficiency

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