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Suggestion is a Solution

Hello there! It has been a long time and I really miss you. How are you sweetheart? Anyway, today there are some issue on PUJ’s that they are not around town anymore when 7:30PM pass by when LGU said that they should operate from 5AM to 10PM under this MGCQ and even Taxi is not […]

The 7 Angels

Do you love to read books especially now that we are under Enhance Community Quarantine; one of the best things to do is to read. Read and know that in Revelation 8 to 10 of the Bible is where the seventh seal opened on the prophecy of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. […]

Pizza Stack

I Love Pizza! Pizza originally made and eaten first in Southern Italy and soon it was introduce in different countries and now it is one of the best and most popular food all over the world with a twist of their delicacy. Pizza means pie in Italian language. The first pizza ever made was just […]

Love is in the Air

Feb Month: Love is in the Air but sometimes Love is not Fair. What is Love? Love is a complex set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affections towards the opposite sex. Protectiveness, warmth and respect one to another. An expression of desire of oneness in heart, mind, body and soul. […]

Prevention is better than Cure

There are a lot of bad happenings in our Country today and even in other Countries as well. Philippines is currently on fighting to avoid and as much as possible do awareness on how to prevent the so called 2019 NCOV or better known as Novel Corona Virus. There is currently no vaccine to prevent […]

Slander, Oral Defamation

Slander, Oral Defamation or in tagalog Paninirang Puri (Maling Pagtsi- Tsismis) is punishable by law under Art. 358 of the Revised Penal Code. In order to successfully pursue a legal case against a person who tends to prejudice a reputation, dishonor or discredit an office, trade, business or any means of livelihood the following must […]

Blue and White

The Color of the year is Blue and White according to Chinese Feng Shui. It said that this color gives positive flows in good health, love life or any relationship/partnership and financial stability. However, we all know that this prediction will never determine what lies ahead for tomorrow. It only depends on your decisions and […]

TEA is good for our Health

I do not really know but I have come to a conclusion that Chinese people live long because they love to add Tea in their every meal even on a simple meet and greet with different kind of people. And so I am writing this for I would like us to learn together and try […]

Maharlika Mahal Kita Saan Ka Man Mapunta

Maharlika Livelihood Complex under the management of Human Settlement Development Corporation or HSDC has been on the dilemma nowadays on how to turn it over to the Local Government of Baguio City when too much issue is just around the corner. Unfortunately, the wants to turn it over is not possible this 2020 for it […]

Runaway from Bribery and No Issuance of Receipt

It clearly says that this is against the Law. Bribery is the giving or offering of a Bribe. Bribery of Public Officials is penalized under Articles 210 to 212 of the Revised Penal Code. There are also other Laws that penalized corrupt acts and practices and prohibit the giving of gifts to some public officials. […]

Amianan Balita Ngayon