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IKit Naturals

Maraming nag sisilabasang mga Beauty Products na mga kung ano-anong Set. Ngunit ang tanong Safe ba? Healthy ba? FDA Approved ba? BFAD Approved ba? Effective ba? Ninipis ba ang Balat sa Mukha? Mahapdi, Mamumula at Pag tinigil ba ay babalik ang Pimples at Pekas? Mga ganitong tanong at marami pang iba. Sa iKit Naturals Face […]

A Pet Cares

What or Who is your stress reliever? Some find ways to ease their burden for the mean time before reality bites them that the problem is still there and it’s not gonna go away not unless it has a solution to it. Just like what we are going through on this trying times. So some […]

What is Christmas to you?

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s that time of Loving, Forgiving, Giving and Caring. But may I ask you a Question. Can we all have that LFGC? Can we all move on from the past? Well every person has a story to tell, An Experienced to share and a Lesson that Learned. And some […]

The iLocanos

I was once told of the iLocano style of why oh why they were so successful and known smart. Kuripot! Yes that’s the right term but whatever there reason is, it is why they were always on peak of everything. They know when, where and why to spend their money wisely. What they share is […]

In Good Times, In Bad Times

Here comes now the consequences of decisions that have occurred since this so-called Pandemic. Covid-19 scare each household holding us back to where are plans is; many has suffered enough but it seems that it will stay long than we expected. And so, As you may all know that we have discussed the good things […]

The War of Good and Evil

What’s up to World! It is well to the eyes but not well to my soul for I see forces of evil all and all. Like have you heard of Phil-Health Corruption and so how are we to pay when it use for personal protection? People Killing, People Dying some even with the same Bloodstream […]

The Double D

No one could surely say that it’s okay not to be okay for it is not truly OK. We are all struggling since this Pandemic occur unnoticed, unpredictable and that no one is even ready for it. And so, it reminds us all of a Filipino Folk Story of “Si Tipaklong at Langgam” But you […]

The North, East, West and South

Some People are getting Depress, Stress, Anxious, easily getting Irritated, Angry then Sad. Why? Maybe because we can no longer do the things we usually do before; for this Pandemic limits our daily routine. Why? Perhaps some lose their job for the meantime and it is uncertain if when can they come back. Why? Because […]

Madiskarteng Pinoy

Do you still have work on this time of Pandemic? You are lucky if you still have it. Are you worried if you still have work tomorrow? Well, we gotta pray for that then. You do not have work? But I’ve heard and check on it that you have lil’ Business out there. I am […]

7 Things To do for Unenrolled Children

Have you heard that some Parents did not enroll their children this School Year 2020-2021? Well, I must say that’s normal. It’s their free will anyway, who are we to demand them when they believe it is not yet safe for their Child especially there has no assurance of a Vaccine yet for Covid-19 and […]

Amianan Balita Ngayon