The City Council has approved a resolution reminding government agencies and offices to faithfully comply with the provisions of Republic Act No. 11261, also known as the Jobseekers Assistance Act. The resolution emphasizes the importance of easing the financial burden associated with employment requirements for fresh graduates and firsttime job seekers while ensuring accessibility to government services related employment.

The resolution underscores that RA No. 11261 identifies beneficiaries as Filipino citizens, first-time job seekers actively looking for employment, and residents of the barangay issuing the certification for at least six months and that it directs zero charges for obtaining various requirements essential for employment. In consideration to the
financial situation of first time job seekers and thief families, the resolution emphasizes the importance of full compliance of all concerned government agencies and offices.

“Compliance with the law’s provisions will encourage firsttime job seekers to apply for work promptly, benefiting
themselves, families, and the city as a whole,” the resolution states. During the regular session on January 29, 2024, Councilor Vladimir Cayabas, main author of the resolution, explained that there was a perception that not all government offices were fully aware of the provisions of the Jobseekers Assistance Act.

This lack of awareness could lead to inconsistent implementation across different government agencies and offices, he claimed. Given the discrepancies in the implementation of the law, Councilor Arthur Allad-iw suggested inviting appropriate government agencies to one of the city council’s sessions to provide clarification and information regarding their compliance status. Members of the city council emphasized the importance of ensuring fair treatment for all job seekers, particularly recent graduates and first-time applicants entering the workforce.

Jordan G. Habbiling/SP

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