Marcelina B. Gosgos

At this time, the teacher may be having some “problems” with his/her class or even with what he is doing in school “again” but this time he/she is the one in front teaching. Let’s pause for some moment and consider the following passage for a teacher’s own reflection and development. I recommend the small but wisdom-filled book entitled “Celebrating the Teacher” by Pedro Poveda. His thoughts and reflections will surely put any true educator “on the right track” and will make the teacher the teacher any student, school, parent or principal you yourself want to be. Here are some of these wonderful thoughts and reflections:

“Those who are dedicated to the Study need the Light of the Lord of wisdom more than anyone else. Therefore seek learning; the use of good books, of libraries: the application to scientific investigation and whatever represents culture.” The fulfillment of duty demands knowledge because you cannot give what you do not have.” “Difference of class, condition and temperament of the students, can try the patience of teachers, it calls for unmitigated vigilance over self in order not to undo all the good accomplished with a single act of unjustified impatience. To wield authority without possessing patience will be very difficult.”

“Your conduct should be the way God wants it to be. Above all be calm. Do everything serenely, without haste, without discouragement. In words and gestures, be prudent and tactful. Respect the peson. Do not show partiality when you deal with others. On certain occasions, you will have to console. At other times, you will have to reprimand. Do everything with great charity. “Your simplicity and naturalness should be such that all those around you will feel strong enough to imitate the good that you do.” “Students should be motivated to give their best, but this will be difficult to achieve without enjoyment.”

“Everytime you want your students to practice charity, act in the following manner: first, ponder on what you want them to practice, then try to awaken their interest and accept their initiatives with love and enthusiasm. Later on, allow them to finish the project especially in the details authored by them, and finally credit them with success. Keep yourselves in the background whenever possible. “If teaching is done in the spirit of meekness, its fruit is almost guaranteed and undoubtedly no harm over results.

Our Lord openly rewards meekness.” “Let us love our students with unconditional love; with a love that God asks of us, but very much; that when we touch their lives we will do so more for their sake than for ours. Let their sufferings be our sufferings so that we can learn to forget ourselves in order to think of them.” “Salt seasons the tasteless. This is your mission: to season the tasteless wherever you go; to make your ministry effective and virtue attractive.” “Exert effort to teach and explain; but more than anything else try your best to educate.”

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