The Double Face EeKkk!

Playing a Victim and a Suspect. The Bida and the same time Kontrabida. A Double Cara. A Know it All Person. A Person who wants to Lead, Control and have the last say. Meaning in Tagalog Pa-Bida!I was once told, Respect your Elders. Respect who are on the position. Respect other People whatever their positions and status in life. Everyday is a new day. Everyday is a new opportunity to be a better version from yesterday. We are all a working process to be a Christ like as we are all created before his image.

Consider yourself so young to excitingly know and learn more. Everyday we get to discover new things that will enhance our knowledge. But remember to Listen, Watch carefully, Touch if you may to feel, Smell if necessary, Taste if it’s needed, Clarify and make a Point then Apply. Being observant is a secret tool to Success nowadays.

On these, never think that you are better than anyone for we are all created uniquely. We have different skills and talents. We have finish different course. We have different experience and challenges we’ve been through. There are some who do not finish any College Courses but Successful in life. There are some who finish College but they are Successful out from what they have Graduated and that’s still alright.

However, Young as it may be and there’s so much activeness and new ideas that occurs from the mind that does not mean that this can be applied immediately. As the Bible said in Eclessiastes 3 in the Old Testament that “There’s a proper time for everything!” In every decision, You and I should think. Is it applicable? Is it worth it? Does it prioritize the majority and not of one self alone?

And when Victory is won, Let other people acknowledge the things that you have done, Never praise yourself and your work. Wait for people to do so. However, some may not like what you do. Never feel bad about it, because surely you know that you can not please anyone.

Just stay true and humbled for not everything is worth a time specially when it is actually a negative vibes. Enemy sounds like a Caring friend, but not anyone that is close to you is a Friend. No Offense.

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