As the nation eagerly anticipates the upcoming State of the Nation Address (SONA), the government is proud to unveil its new brand, “Bagong Pilipinas”. This brand represents our commitment to transform and uplift our beloved nation, building a brighter future for all Filipinos.
Under the visionary leadership of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the Bagong Pilipinas brand embodies the government’s renewed focus on implementing an all-inclusive plan for economic and social transformation. It symbolizes our determination to create a Philippines that is dynamic, and globally competitive.

The Philippine government, however, to be able to realize such must address a problem that has
been haunting the country for decades—that is the problem caused by the CPP-NPA-NDF. The Government has been engaged in efforts to address the insurgency brought by this designated terrorist organization through military operations, peace negotiations, and social and economic reforms. Over the years, the government has implemented counterinsurgency programs to combat the CPP-NPANDF and address the underlying issues driving the conflict.

The approach has changed since the Duterte Administration, which involved other government
agencies and private sector to delivery services that will address political, and socio-economic needs of the people who ae being lured to join the CPP’s senseless movement. With this, a significant progress has been attained in the campaign against the communist rebels and terrorists. This progress, however, should be sustained through efforts under the Bagong Pilipinas campaign.

Bagong Pilipinas will remain steadfast in its commitment to lead the Philippines towards a brighter
and more promising future that is free from threat posed by groups whose aim is to overthrow the
government. Putting an end to the revolution being pushed by such groups will boost the country’s
attainment of a sustainable economic and social transformation, guided by its comprehensive 8-Point Socioeconomic Agenda that fosters active participation of all stakeholders.

Bagong Pilipinas signifies a new era of hope, progress, and unity. I therefore call all my fellow Filipinos to support the new campaign by actively participating in nation-building. Together, we
can build a future where the aspirations and dreams of every Filipino can be realized. We can propel the nation towards a true Bagong Pilipinas.

Ma Louisa Foligan

Amianan Balita Ngayon