BAPTC 2nd Highland Vegetable Festival

The 2nd Highland Vegetable Festival with their theme: Sustainable Production and Marketing towards Greater Excellence held this July 24 to 26, 2019 was a push for all the steering committees of Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Center or BAPTC to strictly implement proper vegetable packaging in order to be competitive nationwide and globally in the hope of institutionalizing the Highland Vegetable Festival to be celebrated yearly.

Mayor Romeo Salda said that the most important foundation of sustaining production and marketing towards greater excellence is cooperation and participation of one and all. Joining hand in hand as farmers improve their packaging and starting the Good Agriculture Practice or GAP before it’s too late for when the time comes that there are a lots of import products from other countries our Vegetable products will not be left behind.

Salda also called the attention of other Government Agencies who could help Farmers for a better Marketing Strategies and Production Technology. A Workshop, Seminars and Meetings with the align Agencies like Department of Agriculture, Department of Trade and Industry and others will do.

Meanwhile, Chief Operation Officer Violeta Salda shares the BAPTC contribution to Vegetable Industry and its Challenges. BAPTC should be known as it is design as a Service Provider. On its Four year not only does it cater Farmers Products from Benguet but also other Provinces like Mt. Province, Tinoc Ifugao, ilocos sur, La Union, Pangasinan, and Nueva Vizcaya.

While their Product was distributed to Balintawak, Divisoria, Urdaneta, Tawid Dagat, Bicol, Palawan, Samar, Cebu, Bulacan, Tarlac, Quezon City, Commonwealth and etc… Sustaining the Vegetable Production is very challenging because of unexpected Tropical Storms that might hit the Province that can cause damage on their plants or delay of delivery because of lack on Farm to Market Road, Falling Rocks and Track Ban not only in Baguio but also in Manila.

So the support of different Local Government Unit, the Governor Office, the Office of the Congressman, BSU, Farmers and other align Government Agencies is striving together for the present Administration goal of Poverty Reduction Program for when production of Vegetable is sustain and thought or remind of its health benefits to our
body there will be no hungry and malnourished Filipinos.

In Addition, The Father of Benguet Province Gov. Melchor Diclas said that “the more the steering committee talk about the needs and wants for the improvement of BAPTC the more that they can have a solution to every matter.”

The need for FMR, Proper Water Irrigation, and its main purpose for a Processing Area to turn the Vegetable into a manufactured product like Carrot, Potatoes, Sayote turns to Chips and Noodles. The implementation of Provincial
Government Cash Assistance after a Calamity to the Farmers and good Hi-Technology that are applicable to Benguet terrain is what their office is working for.

This is yours truly, Tita Ara Katter always reminding you, “Ti Panagkaykaysa, Mangiwanwan iti Naranyag nga Pagsayaatan.” This is iKit ng Bayan.

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