After the Baguio City Police Office headquarters was declared drug-free police office, ten police stations and four operating units also declared drug-free workplace on January 25. The declaration was officially made by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Cordillera during a ceremony held at the BCPO parking lot in Baguio City.

This proclamation follows the earlier recognition of the BCPO Headquarters on November 13, 2023. The ten police stations and four operating units within BCPO underwent a rigorous evaluation process, including mandatory drug tests for 841 personnel. The results were uniformly
negative, underscoring BCPO’s dedication to maintain a drugfree workplace. PDEA conducted thorough assessments to ensure the integrity of the entire process.

City Director Col.Francisco Bulwayan ,Jr., commended the dedication of personnel and commanders for heeding his call to sustain a 100% drug-free workplace in all BCPO offices. Every time we have a newly appointed PDEA-CAR Regional Director, BCPO has achieved unprecedented
success, securing awards to be the first in every category.

With your arrival, all offices under BCPO will now be officially declared as First City Police Office drug-free workplaces for the entire Philippines,” Bulwayan stated. PDEA-CAR Regional Director Laurefel P Gabales spearheaded the unveiling of a drug-free tarpaulin marker and the presentation of Certificates of Appreciation and Commendation to personnel who played a pivotal role in achieving this milestone.

Director Gabales emphasized that the commitment to a drug-free workplace does not only take
perseverance and hard work but also two distinct virtues: pioneering spirit and willingness. He expressed gratitude for the support extended by every unit of the city police office to the regional office, particularly in the barangay drug clearing initiatives.

“With this, we are there to escalate our campaign, expanding our focus on working with establishments, offices, and organizations that are vulnerable to the proliferation of illegal drugs and prone to drug abuse,” he added.


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