In line with the PNP’s commitment to heighten its internal cleansing drive within its ranks, BAGUIO’s FINEST has been directed to undergo mandatory drug testing as a support to the City
Director’s declaration of a drugfree workplace during his term. A total of 531 or 100% Baguio City Police Office headquarters personnel, including Abanao Police Station (PS7), CMFC, and other
PNP units with offices located at the BCPO Building, have voluntarily undergone mandatory drug testing since July 1, 2023 to October 19, 2023 in compliance with the requirements of BCPO’s DrugFree Workplace application.

The results of these tests facilitated by the Baguio City Forensic Unit revealed that 100% of personnel yielded negative results for methamphetamine and THCmetabolites which is a clear
indication that the BCPO antiillegal drugs campaign does not limit itself to community members but also to its personnel who execute and implement the laws. BPCO City Director, Col.Francisco Bulwayan,Jr., said, “We took this opportunity to conduct mandatory drug testing for BCPO personnel to remain drug-free, as well as the application of the declaration of a drug-free workplace not only in the headquarters but also including the offices from Stations and Operating Units.”

“This move intends to ensure that all offices of BCPO headquarters, police stations, and operating
units qualify as drug-free workplaces for a more efficient delivery of police service. We will begin at
the BCPO Building, followed by the other offices of stations and operating units,” he added.
The City Director expressed its gratitude to all personnel who willingly participated in the random
drug testing, demonstrating their commitment to restore and uphold the integrity of the organization and the public’s trust. Further, the BCPO City Community Affairs and Development Unit (CCADU) is preparing to undergo Assessment and Evaluation of the Drug-Free Work Place Policy in the BCPO.

BCPO-PIO Release

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