Abra cops extend helps to a farmer in Malibcong

As part of the ongoing Community Support Program (CSP) in Abra, police officers of Provincial Mobile Force Company (PMFC), Regional Mobile Force Company (RMFB), and Philippine Army (PA), extended help to a farmer in Sitio Matalibeng, Brgy Mataragan, Malibcong, Abra.
According to Pat Kennedy D Panhon, a member of the CSP team, the owner of the farm, Mr. Buwag, personally requested the assistance of the CSP team in harvesting his “pagay” as he doesn’t have enough manpower to finish the work in time, due to the simultaneous harvest of farmers in their barangay.
In the spirit of #BARANGAYanihan, the team responded to the request and proceeded to Mr. Buwag farm to help in the harvest. Working together, they were able to harvest all the “pagay” in Mr. Buwag’s farm with an estimated land area of 500 square meters. Also, the team helped Mr. Buwag to carry his “pagay” to the thresher.

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