The Baguio Benguet Educational Athletic League opened Saturday with five basketball games slated after the ceremonies ended before noon at the Benguet Sates University gym here. Former champion University of the Cordilleras men’s team are set to face a tough Philippine Military
Academy in the last of the scheduled games at 5:30. The game comes after the Lady Cadets face off the University of the Philippines Baguio’s Lady Maroons.

One of the more awaited matches will be the battle of bridesmaids between Saint Louis University Navigators and the Baguio College of Technology Atoms that is set at 230PM. The first two matches are of the host team, with the BSU Wildcats taking on the UPB Maroons to start the 10 team men’s competitions of the most popular event. The Lady Wildcats will have their hands full as they go up against many time champion SLU Lady Navigators.

Two of the more heralded teams will debut tomorrow with the perennial champion University of Baguio taking on PMA at 230 PM and two time champion Corddllera Career Development College Admirals facing the Eagles of the Baguio Central University. The six game schedule will see UPB in a tough task against the Navigators, then it will be the defending women’s champion UC Lady Jaguars facing the Lady Eagles.

The Jaguars go for their second win when they face the Wildcats before noon, followed by the perennial champion UB Lady Cardinals facing the Lady Admirals. The BBEAL opens for the first time since the truncated games in 2020 when the city and the whole Luzon was declared under lockdown due to the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic. The BBEAL was supposed to open last week, October 21, but was delayed for the host to prepare their gymnasium for the event. It, however, lost King’s College of the Philippines which begged off this year.

Pigeon Lobien

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