Catch the K-Day Bazaar at the mall atrium of SM City Baguio from July 6-23, as the exhibit showcases amazing Korean products and food items.
The Korean beauty salon, Tony & Jackey are featuring best-selling K-beauty and skin care products. Visitors will surely enjoy seeing various types of items such as face masks, sunscreens, facial wash, Aloe Vera gels, and so much more.
Satisfy your cravings at the SM Supermarket Baguio booth as they offer wide range of Korean snack and drinks. Experience the delicious Korean dishes from Chung Chun which showcases their Korean style Rice corndogs.
The eye-catching Yolk Korean Egg Sandwiches food truck has made a stop at K-Day. They offer diverse choices of Korean egg sandwiches, egg pancakes, and drinks.
There is also a dine-in area for mallgoers who wish to sit by the mall atrium.
Dine and date safely with pillows that have pictures of fan favorite oppas and are situated on some chairs to maintain social distancing.
Explore SM City Baguio to bask in the fun products and delicious food that K-Day has to offer.

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