Photo Caption: Artists of Group Artistiko conduct  on-the-spot painting of portraits at the pine clad Milestone Health Center located at Paterno Street ,Baguio City. Photo by Via Cadiente -UB Intern/ABN


In support to mental health awareness , Grupo Artistiko and other artists exhibited various artworks at  the Milestone Health Center here. Artists  featured portraits conveying messages of hope and resilience,  reflecting the center’s mission to support wellness and recovery. Eddie Castillo, managing director of the center ,said “From here, we are into art therapy, it should be a tool that will bring help to individuals express their feelings.”

Since its establishment in 2020, Milestone Health Center has provided addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. Artists worked alongside the wellness center, providing a serene backdrop of pine trees through the center’s large glass windows. Local artists also attended the event to support its cause, showcasing a diverse range of art forms including sculptures and mini paintings.

The event    is  in collaboration with Grupo Artistiko led by Khristina Manansala, aimed to promote art therapy for individuals to express their emotions. The day also marked by the selling of art works, half of the proceeds will go to the wellness center in propagating its cause. On-the-spot portrait were also done,   half of the commissions will be donated to the foundation as well.

Via Cadiente UB Intern

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