The University of Baguio chess team dominated the 34th Baguio Benguet Educational Athletic League chess event at the Jurado Hall of the Philippine Military Academy Jurado Hall Thirsday. UB took the men’s and women’s chess titles and took the three individual titles in women’s chess, while the men’s team halved the four boards with their Benguet State University counterparts.

It was a runaway win for the women’s squad after earning 18 points of a possible 20. The team gave a half point on former powerhouses Saint Louis University and the University of the Cordilleras
while giving up a point on the event host PMA. UC halved the score with SLU and with BSU, while
sweeping both PMA and the Cordillera Career Development College for 12.5 points and just a point off BSU.

After halving the games with SLU and UC, BSU gave up half a point to PMA, while sweeping CCDC for an 11.5 point performance. SLU wound up fourth with 10.5 points after giving up a point each to PMA and CCDC. PMA wound up fifth with 6.5, thanks to the sweep of CCDC, which end up sixth and last. In the men’s side, UB and BSU finished with 16 points each, but the Cardinals won via tie break after earning nine compared to the latter’s eight.

UB swept UC and CCDC, gave up a point each to SLU and PMA, while halving the points with BSU.
BSU, on the other hand, swept SLU, PMA and CCDC, while drawing with UC. SLU landed third by
sweeping CCDC then beating UC and PMA 3-1. PMA ended up fourth with 9 points, UC wound up fifth with 5 and CCDC sixth with 3 points. Meanwhile, UB players Engielyn Agamas, Genesis Faith Lomboy and Janeya Carbonell took the individual gold medals in boards 1, 2 and 3.

UC’s Nicole Yamba, Mary Grace de Gracia of PMA and Devorah Cgagan of BSU took second honors in boards 1, 2 and 3. BSU’s surge as a contender in local college chess is thanks to Wycliffe Aromin
who took board one top honrs with Damiel Penaflorida of UB and Gian Miguel Villarin of PMA as runners up. UB took top honrs in board 2 and 3 thanks to Daryll Guaque and Mark Vincent Limocon.

BSU’s Johnson Pacliwan took board four top honors. Nathaniel Fuentes of BSU and John Jeoffrey Barry took second and third places in board 2, while Dominador Tillera (BSU) and Peter Paul Dumapit (SLU) are second and third in board 3. UB’s Alexid Antipuesto took the silver medal in board four, while and Clarence Gonzales of SLU and Timothy Cada shared third place in the same board.

Pigeon Lobien/ABN

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