ITOGON, Benguet

Several small-scale miners (SSM) of  Ucab Indigenous Community Livelihood Association (UICLA) recently  conducted a massive  cleanup drive along vital waterways and thoroughfares here. This initiative, spanning from Canog Creek to Abukay Creek, and onwards to Baayan Road, aims to address the ecological impact of small-scale mining activities and foster a renewed commitment to environmental preservation. The UICLA, a prominent advocate for sustainable development within the mining sector, recognizes the urgent need to mitigate the environmental footprint of artisanal mining practices.

By organizing this cleanup, they underscore their dedication to restoring the natural balance and safeguarding the health of local ecosystems. Small-scale mining, while integral to the economic livelihoods of many communities,
often leaves behind a trail of environmental degradation.  UICLA endeavors to reverse this trend and pave the way for a more harmonious coexistence between mining activities and the environment.  Sustainable development in the mining sector requires ongoing commitment and collaboration among various stakeholders. Environmental cleanup efforts are just one aspect of a broader strategy needed to address the environmental impacts of mining activities.

Judel Vincent S. Tomelden, UB-Intern

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