Due to urban decay


Mayor Benjamin Magalong said works are underway towards urban rejuvenation. “If we are not going to do anything 25 years from now, the result of urban decay will be irreversible,” speaking before tourism industry stakeholders in the recent Cordillera Regional Tourism Investment Forum 2024 held at the Cordillera Convention Center, Baguio
Country Club (BCC). “Elevating Opportunities: Sustainable Investments in Mountain Tourism’’, set the tourism investment forum’s tone.

Urban decay started in the 1990s and we continue to address that. And that’s the reason why we came up with all
these strategic and catalytic projects. Some of the steps to be undertaken in order to retain cultural and social authenticity which was presented by City planner Donna Tabangin : refine Baguio’s tourism carrying capacity assessment; regulate tourism activities, especially on areas that have sensitive ecosystems, protected landscape, and on areas that need to regenerate.

Invest on infrastructure development and improvements; increase information on local environmental conservation efforts and responsible tourism practices. Promote heritage and cultural tourism; and urban renewal to develop creative districts and neighborhoods. Others are focused on ‘green projects’ following environmental laws, preserving city’s alluring beauty and invigorating cool climate.

‘ We want to keep and conserve the open spaces as well as the green areas of the city you will see their developments for parking buildings for tourism infrastructure for parks development for the central business district rejuvenation.’ The city also plans to measure the communities’ livability, envision the projects for cultural facilities, libraries,
performance spaces as well as the rest of the possible catalytic events for the city.

“We intend to build on cultural employment as well as support creative and knowledge industries. Cultural and social authenticity, our take off point is the cultural mapping of Baguio.” Tabangin states. All the projects are expected to be finished in 20 years.

Charisse Kate C. Ricardo/UBIntern

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