The pursuit for Cordillera autonomy remained a struggle after majority of Cordillerans still undecided. This was based on two separate pulse surveysSupport/ Vote for Autonomy conducted by the Regional Development Council (RDC) in 2008 and 2021, respectively. Milagros Rimando, president of the Cordilleran Alliance for Autonomy, Peace
and Development Inc. (CAAPDI), along with other officers of the group, presented a comparative graph between the pulse surveys of 2008 and 2021 to the city council’s regular session (April 23).

The city council move was also to get the latest update on House Bill 3267–or the ‘An Act Establishing the Cordillera
Autonomous Region.’ Referring to the 2021 survey, Rimado told the council that 54 percent of Cordillerans are still undecided, a marked improvement from the 66 percent (undecided) in 2008. For the whole region (2021 survey), 33 percent support autonomy while 14 percent not in favor. For Baguio City, 44 percent in favor for selfgovernance , just one percent shy (43 percent) not in favor while undecided posted at 13 percent.

In the 2008 survey, Baguio City recorded 57.5 undecided, 22.8 percent for ‘Yes’ while ‘No’ 19.7 percent. Regionwide, for ‘Yes’ 18.9 percent while ‘No’ tallied at 14.7 percent. In the discussion, Rimando appealed t city council to continue
contributing amendments on the bill. Some city councilors expressed support, however, raised concerns to include
taxes, national highways or roads, resources, and the possible consequences of autonomy.

It was learned that body will further study the bill before its passage. Councilor Jose Molintas said, ‘we can study the
proposed bill further, because we do not want to have the practice of passing a bill and then later having it amended.
Once it becomes law, it will affect our lives.” Vice Mayor Faustino Olawan,the presiding officer, acknowledged Rimando and her group’s effort and rallied to continue their advocacy for the passage of the bill. ‘I think with your presence in the entire Cordillera Region plays a significant role in the passage of the law”, Olowan added.

Jether Cabanlong – UB Intern/ ABN

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