People’s City welcomes diversity, crowns Nigerian as Miss City of San Fernando 2018

CITY OF FERNANDO, LA UNION – The People’s City cheers as they welcome the new Miss City of San Fernando 2018, Chinyelumaka Cynthia Ugwu last March 20 at the City Plaza.
Chinyelumaka Cynthia “Cynthia Penelope” Ugwu, who was born in Enugu, Nigeria, is a third-year nursing student of Lorma Colleges, Lingsat, City of San Fernando.
Ugwu glided on the runway with finesse and elegance. With every glance she made, her personality shined. During her casual interview, she said that she never felt far from home because this (San Fernando) is her home. “Many out there believe in me,” she added. This is one manifestation of San Fernando being a People’s City, embracing inclusivity and welcoming diversity, making every person feel at home.
Ugwu, 20, went through a series of preliminary screenings, and emerged victorious. This after passing the qualifications: 1) must be 18-23 years old; 2) must be one of the following: a. born in the City of San Fernando, La Union; b. at least one parent born in the city; c. currently studying in any college and university in the city for two years; d. presently residing in the city for two years; e. presently residing in the city, 3) must be of good moral character; and 4) must be physically and mentally well.
The runners-up were Miss Barangay 2018 Mari Jo Quilon; 1st-Runner-up Niña Sastrodemedjo; 2nd-Runner-up Jeniel Ela Estrella; and 3rd-Runner-up Arvelyn Lubrin.
Guests and celebrities from various TV networks present include Matt Evans, Jason Dy, Joshua Garcia, Carlo Aquino, together with former beauty queens Miss World Philippines 2012 Queenie Rehman as one of pageant hosts, and Miss Universe 2011 3rd-runner-up Shamcey Supsup-Lee as one of the judges. ERWIN BELEO / ABN

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